Kea integration



To build Kea and the mr-provisioner-kea plugin, you need some libraries in addition to standard build tools:

  • log4cplus (e.g. on Ubuntu: liblog4cplus-dev)
  • curl (e.g. on Ubuntu: libcurl4-openssl-dev or libcurl4-gnutls-dev)
  • openssl (e.g. on Ubuntu: libssl-dev)
  • boost c++ (e.g. on Ubuntu: libboost-all-dev)

Install Kea

Download a Kea 1.2.0 source tarball from the Kea website. In the Kea source directory, run:

./configure --prefix=/opt/kea
make -j5
sudo make install

Install Kea mr-provisioner hook/plugin

Download a mr-provisioner-kea release compatible with the Kea release (e.g. version 0.1) from the mr-provisioner-kea releases page. In the mr-provisioner-kea source directory, run:

make KEA_SRC=/path/to/kea-1.2.0 KEA_PREFIX=/opt/kea
sudo make KEA_SRC=/path/to/kea-1.2.0 KEA_PREFIX=/opt/kea install

This will install the plugin as under $(KEA_PREFIX)/lib.


Add the following section to your Kea Dhcp4/Dhcp6 configuration section(s), adjusting the URL to your deployment of mr-provisioner:

"hooks-libraries": [
        "library": "/opt/kea/lib/",
        "parameters": {
            "provisioner_url": "",
            "timeout_ms": 5000

For additional setup information including systemd files, see Deploy.