Getting started

Install development requirements

First, make sure the virtual env is activated. Then, install additional development requirements:

pip install -r

Run development server

First, make sure the virtual env is activated.

Start up the development server by running:

./ -c /path/to/your/config.ini runserver -h -p 5000 -d -r

Develop with Docker!

Alternatively, use the standalone docker development environment.



The script creates a standalone local development environment in an ephemeral docker container.

The container will operate as your UID and mount in your local mr-provisioner source path to /work. It will install mr_provisioner, set up and start postgresql, run all database migrations, run tests, run linters (javascript and python), run mr_provisioner on localhost:5000 in the background, and also return a bash shell.

From the docker shell, interactively run “make test”, “make lint”, etc while editing files in real-time.

Log into the web interface with username admin, password linaro @ http://localhost:5000/