This section will document how to properly deploy mr-provisioner, with sample systemd files, etc. Still needs to be written.


Service files

Copy the example systemd service files in examples/systemd into /etc/systemd/system and adjust the paths in them.

Reload systemd to ensure the new service files are picked up:

systemctl daemon-reload

Start the services

Enable the services so they start automatically at boot time:

systemctl enable mr-provisioner.service
systemctl enable mr-provisioner-ws.service
systemctl enable mr-provisioner-tftp.service

Start the services:

systemctl start mr-provisioner.service
systemctl start mr-provisioner-ws.service
systemctl start mr-provisioner-tftp.service

Optionally, if you followed Kea integration, also enable and start the Kea services:

systemctl enable kea-dhcp4.service
systemctl start kea-dhcp4.service